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As Mark Twain said, India is the cradle of the human race, and it is undoubtedly true because a lot of civilizations, cultures and religions were born on the land before they dwelled to other places. A land of spirituality, emotions and culture, India isn’t just a land bounded by geographical but is also a place that has tremendous potential architectures standing on it. The food, the monuments, the people, everything in India has its fascinating aura of its own. You can ignore everything, but the scintillating sights and the modest surroundings that we show at Malachi Tours will leave you spellbound.

Things to see during your trip

There are many things! You can see God’s own country, Kerela or any other place in South that is famous for their preserved heritage. You can move to the North and see the breath-taking beauty of Jammu as well as the North-Eastern states. Move to East and see how Kolkata and Odisha share a thin line of customs with the bold colours and see anything and everything that the land of diversifications has to offer. The choice is yours.
An emphasized tour There are loads of places waiting to get discovered during your trip to India. But if you have a limited amount of time in your hand, then seeing the capital can be a great way. You can start your journey from the Day tour Taj Mahal or Delhi city tour and opt for the alluring golden triangle tour before you move out of India. The golden triangle comprises of the connecting routes between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Start with Delhi local sightseeing by car and then move on to the Agra tour package. Don’t forget to stop by Karol Bagh to shop some of the coolest accessories at an unbelievably reasonable price. Yes, the classic delights like that of the Red Fort, Qutub Minar and India Gate are a must-watch, but you can also try some street food while you enjoy your Delhi tour package by car.

Cars can always be a fleek for your trip but getting a taxi can be a reasonable alternative for your pocket. Book a taxi now and the drivers will surely help you to be familiar with the locality better than anyone. Pick taxi hire for Delhi to Agra, and you will be able to see the place through a real Indian’s perception. Another astounding wonder is day tour Jaipur that can take you close to the Rajputanas. There are gigantic forts and ruins of the pride and vigour of the Rajputs that you can see through an authentic Rajasthan tour package.

Did you plan your trip yet?

If you want to see culture wrapped in an attire of heritage and simplicity, then there is no better alternative than India. Starting from the Mughal ruins and monuments to the Rajput’s privilege in Rajasthan, everything is mesmerizing and so holiday packages in India are an instant hit. India is one such place that has some enchanting places to feed your eyes on. You can unravel some of the most amazing places, and the memories will always be engraved in your heart. So choose a package from Malachi Tours, pack your bags and get ready to see some marvels of architecture and nature!

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